At MIW Builders we are proud to partner with property managers so that we can make your job easier and more productive. We will work side by side with you in providing quick, accurate and economical solutions to your construction and maintenance needs. We will attend board meetings as needed to explain any work which we are contracted to perform so that we can ensure client satisfaction.

Services we provide for property management companies

Our services range from complex building and remodeling to small and easy quick fixes.We will ensure your work orders are processed fast, easy, and without any interruption to your tenants’ daily life. Our goal is to meet your needs quickly and to the highest level of satisfaction.


  • Concrete, Brick & Asphalt Driveway
  • Sidewalks
  • Common Areas (sidewalks, pool deck, pavers, carpet)
  • Fencing (PVC, Aluminum, Wood)
  • Deck/Decking (Wood, Artificial, Tile/Pavers, Artificial Turf)
  • Tennis Courts (All work within tennis courts)
  • Concrete and Stucco Repairs (All)
  • Interior & Exterior Plaster
  • Interior & Exterior Paint
  • Janitorial Services
  • Windows & Doors (New Installs & Repairs)
  • Common Bathroom Area Remodels
  • Common Kitchen Remodels
  • Common Area Signage & Gates


  • Shingle, Tile, Metal or TPO (Services & Repairs)
  • Fascia, Soffit, Trusses, New Sheathing Repairs

Roofing services are offered through our sister company MIW Roofing